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If MB does split up in the near future, TM plays a big part in it, because honestly who couldn’t handle the stress and unnecessary drama this “team” brings. Like theses niggas can’t even hang out with girls without drama. Its like they have limitations on what they can do with their lives.

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  • You grip the headboard, Roc uses one hand and janks your head back. he uses the other hand to a tight grip on your ass cheek and starts ramming into you from behind, you open your mouth to say something but when you open it nothings comes out, your so tight, if hurts but feels so good at the same damn time.
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Team Roc, please give Roc some rest.


Y’all running a train on that ass. I know he’s got stamina, but let him get at least a two minute break between rounds, remember he still has a concert later, please and thank you :)

This especially applies to Sierra, lmao

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Mindless Behavior Quotes &Edits: Happy Birthday to the ‘spiffiest’ nigga around, sexy ass mf, its yaa...


Happy Birthday to the ‘spiffiest’ nigga around, sexy ass mf, its yaa birthday. you gon twerk? nah ok. But for real tho, you’ve been 15 for ten years it’s about damn time, happy birthday your amazing in every way, your smile, before and after you got your teeth ‘fixed’, your laugh, the way you…

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My other edit i made for Roc’s birthday got deleted >.< so, here’s the last mintue one i made. 
-Happy Birthday Rizzy Roc Rizzle (:
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